Svid Vala Liburna HUR 41835 (DK 20908/2008)
name: Svid Vala Liburna
sex: male male
born: 10.07.2008.
spread of markings: solid mantle solid mantle
colour of markings: black
head markings: approximately symmetrical
points: light colour
ticking: none
brindle: no
face mask: no
breeder: VALA LIBURNA - Lorena Kovačiček
owner: Ina Olsen
results: excellent, r.BIS puppy, CAC, BOB, 3.jBIS
working dog: no
ED: 0 (free)
height: 70 cm
teeth: correct
breeding permission:
note: died of kidney failure


slika slika

brothers & sisters  ch  name   sex   markings   born   litters   HD   height   sire   dam 
HUR 41831 CH-HR Sika Vala Liburna slika female plašt 10.07.2008. 3 A 66 cm Ron Tornjaci Kanga
HUR 41832 Silba Vala Liburna slika female plašt 10.07.2008. A 68 cm Ron Tornjaci Kanga
HUR 41833 CH-HR, CHM-HR Sjever Vala Liburna slika male manje od trećine tijela 10.07.2008. 1 A 71 cm Ron Tornjaci Kanga
HUR 41834 (DK 20909/2008) Suton Vala Liburna slika male plašt 10.07.2008. Ron Tornjaci Kanga

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

Ron Tornjaci slika
HUR 40759
Tajson od Tomislavgrada slika
HUR 40386
HUR 40078
HUR 40125
CH-HR Ebony Bony-Tor slika
HUR 40207
CH-HR Aga slika
HUR 40045
CH-HR. Bonita slika
JR 40022 (RM 204)
CHM-HR, CH-HR Kanga slika
HUR 41669 (BHR 667)
Šarov slika
BHRB 0000353
Šarov slika
not registered
Šara slika
not registered
Čala slika
BHRB 0000345
Ken King-Tor Croatia slika
HUR 40264
not registered

offspring (9)

12.03.2010. TERTZO'S
sire: HUR 41835 (DK 20908/2008) male   solid mantle Svid Vala Liburna slika
dam: HUR 41730 (DK 12067/2008) female   less than 1/3 CH-DK Rika Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
DK05159/2010 male   Tertzo's Cross My Heart
DK05157/2010 male   Tertzo's Thief Of Hearts slika
DK05158/2010 male   Tertzo's Unbreak My Heart
DK05160/2010 male   Tertzo's Unchain My Heart
DK05163/2010 female   Tertzo's Faithfull Heart
DK05164/2010 female   Tertzo's Happy Heart Cracker
DK05165/2010 female   Tertzo's Heart Of Gold
DK05162/2010 female   Tertzo's Sunny Heart
DK05161/2010 female   Tertzo's Trezzure My Heart

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