Derby Ljupkovi tornjaci HR 11174
name: Derby Ljupkovi tornjaci
sex: male male
born: 31.05.2014.
spread of markings: less than 1/3 less than 1/3
colour of markings: brown
head markings: approximately symmetrical
points: none
ticking: medium
brindle: no
face mask: no
breeder: LJUPKOVI TORNJACI - Ljupko Marinčić
owner: Barbara Trgovčić
ch-titles: CH-HR
results: excellent
working dog: no
teeth: correct
breeding permission: 05.12.2015.


slika slika

brothers & sisters  ch  name   sexascending   markings   born   litters   HD   height   sire   dam 
HR 11176 Domino Ljupkovi tornjaci slika male 31.05.2014. A Sandi Ljupkovi tornjaci Astra
HR 11177 Daisy Ljupkovi tornjaci slika female manje od trećine tijela 31.05.2014. 1 A Sandi Ljupkovi tornjaci Astra

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

CH-HR Sandi Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
HR 10895
Fargo Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
HUR 41932
CH-HR Schulz slika
HUR 41893 (BHUR 23352)
Luna slika
HUR 41672
Ala Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
HUR 41878
CHM-HR, CH-HR Lando Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
HUR 41545
Luna slika
HUR 41768 (BHRB 22584(exp. 20235))
HUR 41767
Lux King-Tor Croatia slika
HUR 40637
Grivo slika
HUR 40629
Konny King-Tor Croatia slika
HUR 40266
Tea Ljupkovi tornjaci slika
HUR 41281
CH-HR Rik Tornjaci slika
HUR 40760
CHM-HR Beba Ljupkovi tornjaci
HUR 41043

offspring (9)  ch  name   sexascending   markings   born   litters   HD   height   dam 
HR 11642 Atlas Dalmatinski vrisak slika male 17.03.2017. Tara Dalmatinski vrisak
HR 11749 Felix Ljupkovi tornjaci male 08.03.2018. Jeny Ljupkovi tornjaci
HR 11796 Kan Grossmutter Berg male 29.12.2018. Aksa Grossmuter Berg
HR 11797 Kimon Grossmutter Berg male 29.12.2018. Aksa Grossmuter Berg
HR 11795 King Grossmutter Berg male 29.12.2018. Aksa Grossmuter Berg
HR 11643 Afrodita Dalmatinski vrisak slika female 17.03.2017. A Tara Dalmatinski vrisak
HR 11515 Ciba Ljupkovi tornjaci female 01.06.2016. A Jeny Ljupkovi tornjaci
HR 11517 Cica Ljupkovi tornjaci female 01.06.2016. Jeny Ljupkovi tornjaci
HR 11798 Kelly Grossmutter Berg female 29.12.2018. Aksa Grossmuter Berg

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